3D Laser Scanner

Leica Pegasus : Backpack

Leica Pegasus:Backpack Wearable Mobile Mapping Solution

Versatile and wearable platform for indoor & outdoor reality capture
In today’s complex world, keeping pace with the speed of change is a challenge for all professionals in any industry. The Leica Pegasus:Backpack is the award-winning wearable reality capture solution enabling you to make quick and informed decisions in fast-changing, challenging and hostile environments. This GNSS agnostic solution captures immersive 360° imagery, and the optional 200m long range scanner improves data completeness for tall constructions such buildings, increases the flexibility and efficiency of your investment. Just by walking, this multidisciplinary system allows you to digitise pedestrianised city centres, the progress of construction sites, building interiors, underground structures and many more challenging applications.

Leica RTC360 3D Reality Capture Solution

Long range 3D Laser Scanner

The new 200m long range 3D Laser Scanner increases your productivity by covering bigger areas per mission. The prolonged range and wide field of view captures higher and further, eliminating shadows in the final 3D point cloud.

20 megapixel

The 5x4 megapixel cameras are mounted for the best imagery coverage. The captured georeferenced images are stiched to an immersive panoramic experience and are used to navigate and colourise the point cloud.

Hot- swappable Batteries

With the latest generation hot-swappable Li-Ion batteries, longer data collection missions are facilitated. Each single battery provides 1h operating time. The system includes a charging station, so a second set of batteries can be recharged during a data capture, thus further extending operational time

Light & Robust

The lightweight carbon unibody system frame and the researched ergonomic support structure increases the mobility and flexibility for the wearer under challenging conditions, and reduces fatigue resulting in increased productivity.

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