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Leica Cyclone SERVER

Leica Cyclone SERVER : Multi-user centralised data access

Leica Cyclone SERVER is standalone server software that can significantly reduce office schedules for High Definition Survey projects when more than one person is available to process laser scan data. It is particularly beneficial for large projects, multi-discipline projects, and projects with demanding schedules. Cyclone SERVER is successfully used for plant, civil, architectural and other projects.

Cyclone SERVER takes advantage of the powerful Client/Server Object Database foundation of Cyclone and CloudWorx point cloud processing modules to enable multiple office staff to simultaneously access point cloud data, embedded images, and geometric surface models. This eliminates burdensome data copying and related synchronisation issues, frees disk space, and provides more reliable access to the project data in network environments.

Features and Benefits

- Shared/Unshared mode
- Single/multi-processor computers
- Familiar network distributed application like 3D plant design software
- Supports all Leica Cyclone and Leica CloudWorx applications
- Up to 10 concurrent users
- Dedicated or distributed server implementation

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