3D Laser Scanner


Instant reality capture from your perspective with a streamlined end-to-end workflow.

The Leica BLK2GO PULSE is a handheld first-person laser scanner. Instantly capture what you need, when you need it, from your point of view. Using new, advanced reality capture technology, the BLK2GO PULSE delivers complete, colourised point clouds to your smartphone while you scan with no post-processing required. Used in combination with the BLK Live app, the BLK2GO PULSE fuses Leica Geosystems’ proven GrandSLAM technology with dual solid-state Time-of-Flight (ToF) LiDAR sensors to deliver a complete reality capture solution.

Key Features:

  • • First-person scanning: See what you capture from a first-person scanning perspective. Colourised 3D data is streamed in real time to your smartphone screen.
  • • Instant data availability: Immediately view and share colourised 3D point clouds and images from the field, as easy as sharing a photo or video.
  • • Intuitive BLK Live companion app: With a smartphone (iOS or Android) attached to the scanner, access a streamlined end-to-end reality capture workflow in the BLK Live app.
  • • Smart scanning guidance: In-app notifications provide real-time guidance to ensure optimal scanning practices.
  • • Upload to Reality Cloud Studio, powered by HxDR: Easily upload scans from the field to Reality Cloud Studio, Hexagon’s cloud-based digital reality application for automated registration and meshing, immersive visualization, collaboration, and secure data sharing and storage.


    The BLK2GO PULSE is designed to capture indoor spaces. Create 3D digital twins and 2D floorplans or elevations in no time. For applications that require up-to-date dimensions and visualisation, the BLK2GO PULSE is an ideal tool for quick, easy laser scanning.


    The BLK2GO PULSE streams data from the scanner’s sensors straight to your smartphone so you see what the scanner sees. Aim the BLK2GO PULSE at any area you want to scan and capture colourised 3D point clouds instantly. Then work with and share your data right away on your smartphone.


    BLK2GO PULSE incorporates a special type of scanning: solid state Time-of-Flight (ToF) LiDAR, which emits a “pulse” of laser points from the scanner multiple times per second. This pulse of thousands of simultaneous laser points delivers a uniform point cloud instantly.


    The BLK2GO PULSE enables an intuitive, fast, and simple on-site dynamic scanning workflow. Capture scenes with an immersive, first-person visual UX on the BLK Live app, as easy as taking a video on a smartphone.


    The BLK2GO PULSE delivers data that is ready to use, share, and export or upload to the cloud immediately after capture. Upload your data to Reality Cloud Studio, powered by HxDR, our cloud-based visualisation, collaboration, and storage application for real-time automated registration and meshing.


    The dedicated BLK Live companion app provides first-person perspective and control of the BLK2GO PULSE. It is where you see what the scanner sees. Colourised point clouds are instantly delivered to the BLK Live app on your smartphone, with no post-processing required.

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